First Blog-What to blog about!

I’m new to blogging so I’m not sure which way I’m going to take my blogs. I have decided to start a blog because there are days where I just want to talk and don’t want to talk to anyone in particular. Then there are days where I want to share with the world what is going on or what I have discovered or even just express my opinion. I know a lot of people take that kind of stuff to Facebook, not me though. There are things in my life I only share with certain people and the things I post on Facebook are things that I often don’t care if everyone close to me knows. Life in general will be blogged about. I also enjoy setting new goals for myself and I’m hoping if I have a place to write about my goals and the progress along the way I will be motivated to rise and accomplish more goals. Therefore I will be blogging about diets I try, different routines, or activities I try. I will blog about my children probably more than anything. I will blog about places I go or something I research and find interesting. My blogs will be all over the place but I can guarantee there will be laughs, tears, dull moments, suspenseful moments, complaining, bragging, and what ever other moods I get into.

Now I have not decided whether or not to blog using my name or not so for now that will stay blank. I am new to this so I want to make sure this is fit for me before I share my name. It may sound silly but I really have no idea what blogging is all about and how it all works.

So here we go on a blogging adventure.

p.s. Some of my blogs might be about blogging themselves!!!


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